Bayern Munich Player, Lucas Hernandez, facing a six-month sentence in Spain

Lucas Hernandez, a France defender, is due in court in Madrid next week and faces a six-month sentence, according to a judicial official.

On Tuesday, the Bayern Munich player is expected to notify the court where he will spend his term for violating a restraining order in 2017.

While playing for Atletico Madrid, the 25-year-old had broken the order. He has ten days before his sentence begins.

After a violent altercation in 2017, restraining orders were issued against him and his girlfriend. After getting married before the six-month period was up, they were spotted returning to Spain together.

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In Hernandez’s instance, this was deemed a violation of the restraining order. He allegedly got away with it since his now-wife had not yet received the original judgment.

Restraining orders are enforced in Spain even if the parties reconcile, to avoid forced reconciliation.

Hernandez has maintained his innocence in the issue, while Bayern Munich has remained silent on the matter.

The player has filed an appeal with a higher court.

However, it is unclear when a new court would hear the case and whether the appeal will prevent him from going to jail.

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