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BREAKING: Former Chelsea player arrested over maltreating his cat

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Footballers have been under the spotlight for the wrong reasons in recent weeks. Mason Greenwood’s case is still fresh in the memories of Fans. The latest offender is Former Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma. The Frenchman was seen in a video, Kicking, Hitting and slapping his cats.

The person recording him was also laughing which looked like they are enjoying the incident.

West Ham has condemned the incident and assured that they have talked with Zouma and are handling the matter internally. Kurt Zouma has also released a statement, Apologizing for his actions.

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He assured everyone that his cats are in perfect health and are loved by everyone in his family. He said the incident was an isolated one which he deeply regrets.

Despite his Apology, Zouma is still likely to be arrested for his offense as the maltreatment of Animals is not taken lightly in England. Anybody seen maltreating animals can be reported to the Royal Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals, RSPCA who also work hand in hand with the police. While Zouma is unlikely to be jailed, He can be asked to pay a huge fine or do some community service.

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