Chelsea: Abramovich’s daughter Sofia dramatically joined to defend her dad

The Chelsea owner’s daughter Sofia has also dramatically joined a chorus of wealthy Russians, Abramovich slamming Putin for invading Ukraine.

The 27-year-old heiress, who spends much of her time in London, shared an image on Instagram showing the Russian leader in a danger sign with the caption: ‘The biggest and most successful lie of the Kremlin’s propaganda is that most Russians stand with Putin’.

Meanwhile, Blues manager Thomas Tuchel says the club ‘feel horrible’ about Russia’s invasion.

Abramovich at risk to loose Chelsea Club to Britain

Asked whether UEFA’s decision to move the final of the Champions League from St Petersburg to Paris was right, he said:

‘Yes, a clear yes (it was the right decision). And sadly I think it’s the worst reason to have to change a location.

‘ We feel horrible about it in general and it clouds our minds and our focus of the course. I can absolutely understand the decision. There are things more important.’

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