Chelsea Not For Sale: Queen Elizabeth want UK govt to see reasons why Abramovich sanctions not affect the West London Club

Chelsea Not For Sale: Queen Elizabeth want UK govt to see reasons why Abramovich sanctions not affect the West London Club. It might likely be an agreement between the United Kingdom, UK government and rightful owner of Chelsea club over the cancellations for the sale of the West London.

Due to their inability to prove yet that Roman Abramovich is directly linked to the chaos happening in Ukraine, the Russian Billionaire has up till now remained with sanctions in the UK.

The 55-year-old was who has owned Chelsea since 2003 was forced into making an extraordinary statement when the pressures became so high.

And even from his statement one had thought by now Chelsea have new ownership but it’s been otherwise as the club still remain unsold.

Reason being the bidders are behind Abramovich’s asking price despite him even agreeing to do away with over £1.5B loan the club owns his personal pocket.

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Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss and LA Dodgers owner Todd Boehly are the only publicly known bidders who are still even preparing to make another bid after forming a consortium because of the Chelsea deal.

But it’s unlikely Abramovich will sell to them as he is also considering the welfare of the club which he doesn’t view Wyss and Boehly perfect for.

Abramovich offer me the opportunity to purchase Chelsea- Hansjorg Wyss

With his statement already out in the public and bids already bombing in, Chelsea could change hands any moment unless he closes the sale.

On the other hand, a major news for Chelsea fans who wish for the Russian to remain in charge; the UK Government have assured to exempt Chelsea in their quest to sanction Abramovich.

Should he be sanctioned, it’s expected that everything business belonging to him would cease operating which was to include Chelsea if it remained unsold by then.

But according to the Government, Chelsea is to be exempted from this sanction list as they won’t want the club to suffer.

This means that Abramovich could most likely cancel plans to sell Chelsea and instead retain the club while waiting if it’s possible to sanction him without any evidence to do so.

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