How Abramovich plan his next move, after handling over Chelsea Club to Trustees

Chelsea owner, Abramovich: As Roman Abramovich faces the backlash of his closeness to the Russian authoritty due to the invasion of Ukraine, coupled with mounting calls in Britain for him to be stripped of the right to own a football club, the flamboyant billionaire has other plans as well.

In a 109 words initially released, henceforth the trustees of Chelsea’s charitable foundation will now take charge of the club from him indefinitely.

Mr Roman Abramovich has also faced renewed attention on his business activities even prior to the invasion in Ukraine. Such is the gravity of the document that some members of parliament like MP Chris Bryant used parliamentary privilege to share the leaked document in the house of Commons.

Chelsea: Abramovich’s daughter Sofia dramatically joined to defend her dad

It is said that the document was from 2019 and questioned was raised as to why no action had yet been taken against the 55-year-old Roman Abramovich. The document detailed Russia’s strategy and illicit finance due to his links to the Russian state.

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