Mikel Arteta explained what went wrong with Manchester United match

Arsenal’s coach, Mikel Arteta explained what went wrong with the Manchester United match… Mikel Arteta speaks on what went wrong in the match with Manchester United at the Old Trafford stadium in yesterday’s match.

With the Manchester United match, Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal walks onto the pitch after their sides defeat in the Premier League, PL, match at Old Trafford on December 02, 2021, in Manchester, England.

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According to reporters, When Arteta was asked questions, Mikel Arteta has this to say;

“No, I think we were sloppy in possession,”

“We gave the ball away to the opponent, and we had no pressure there. That created strong momentum that allowed them to run, and they had the structure to play – and suddenly we started to give the ball away.

“So many unforced errors that led to them having the belief that they could do something in the game. I didn’t see a team with the handbrake, I saw a team that wanted to impose (themselves) here. They were dominant, we played with the right structure and the right freedom at the same time.

“But we didn’t defend our box well enough well, and manage some situations well enough to concede the way did.”

Arteta, when asked why he stops them from dropping off after they score.

“Well I don’t know,” he replied rather worryingly.

“It’s very difficult because when you are in [possession of] the ball, you have to make decisions – and I want to encourage them to do what they feel. But you know against those teams you get punished immediately, with the quality and amount of players that they can play (against) you straight away.”

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