Report: 3 reasons why Chelsea fans are backing Timo Werner

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No doubt, Chelsea played 1-1 draw with Brighton in their last match which still keep Chelsea’s fans talking over the poor performance of the clubs.

Some of the fans calling for the sacked of the coach, while others calls for the tatical formation should be changed totally in their two or three remaining matches in January.

The Blues were held to a 1-1 draw by Brighton following their 1-0 see defeat at the hands of Manchester City in their previous league game. Chelsea were unable to bounce back from their loss to the City and were held to a draw by Brighton. It was Kevin De Bruyne who found the back of the net during Manchester City 1-0 win against the Blues.

Hakim Ziyech opened the scoresheet for the Blues after scoring from a distance but Webster equalized for Brighton. Thomas Tuchel brought in some reinforcement in the late minutes of the game in search for a goal but it wasn’t enough. Timo Werner, Mateo Kovacic and Kai Havertz were brought in the 80th minute but they made little contribution to the game.

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku was also substituted out of the game after failing to find the back of the net against Brighton. The Blues are currently placed 3rd in the premier league with 44 points. Manchester City have 56 points and Liverpool have 45 points. Chelsea may drop more points in the premier league if they fail to regain back their form and their 1-1 draw to Brighton has now dealt a huge blow to their league title race this season.

Opinion: Why Tuchel might have to leave Chelsea for Lukaku to thrive

Chelsea striker Timo Werner has failed to find the back of the net on several occasions but the Blues often manage to defeat their opponents even after Werner misses a big chance to score. Timo Werner has scored 18 goals in 79 appearances since joining the Blues following his departure from RB Leipzig in 2020 for a fee of £53 million. Werner has missed a lot of goalscoring chances but it seems like he’s still receiving the backings of Chelsea supporters.

The 3 reasons why Chelsea fans are still supporting Timo Werner is because he’s an hardworking player who always gives his best for the team anytime he’s on the pitch.

The second reason is because Chelsea fans love Timo Werner even after his big misses.

The third reason is because Timo Werner often cause a lot of problems for defenders. Even though he may eventually miss a big chance to score, Werner has an high offensive awareness and he’s also among the fastest player in the world.

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