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Report: Arsenal Coach, Split Gunner’s Camp Over Aubameyang’s Decision

According to Report, Arsenal Coach, Mikel Arteta has split Gunner’s camp over Aubameyang’s decision… Meanwhile, Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, has a potential crisis on his hands thanks to his decision to drop Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this weekend and then tell the press of a disciplinary issue.

Report: Arsenal Coach, Split Gunner's Camp Over Aubameyang's Decision

Aubameyang sat out as Arsenal demolished Southampton 3-0 at The Emirates. Arteta told reports prior to the game it was due to a disciplinary breach, which the Spaniard claimed was his striker breaking a ‘nonnegotiable’ standard.

However, The Athletic has published a detailed report on the situation this morning. In there, they state how Aubameyang had been given permission to go to France on Wednesday evening. But, he was told to return the same day and didn’t actually come back until Thursday. And despite being on time for training, he was sent home and forced to train alone on Friday.

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And the decision from Arteta, in addition to speaking to the media about it, has left the Arsenal camp split. The Athletic writes how some at the club feel it was simply strong management. But on the reverse, there are some at Arsenal who feel it was an ‘unnecessary case of airing dirty laundry in public.

Arteta, it seems, could now have a problem on his hands. At the end of the day, Mikel Arteta is in charge of the group of players. If he feels his captain has not done as asked and broken the rules, then he has every right to act how he did. It is, as is mentioned, a show of strong leadership.

The problem for Arteta could come from above. If others get involved and want to rock the boat, then the Spaniard might end up answering questions to the higher-ups. It’s at that point that things might get messy. However, Arteta will hope to concentrate on simply playing. His team picked up a good win and in the end, few can argue he made the wrong call in leaving Aubameyang out.

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