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Tuchel honestly says he has “An Issue” with Thiago Silva of 2022/23 Premier League season

Following the completion of the sale of the London-based club to Todd, Thomas Tuchel is looking forward to starting the next Premier League season with a great deal of confidence.

On the other hand, the German will have a hole in his starting lineup for the next season, and it is anticipated that he will participate in the transfer market as a buyer.

Tuchel is likely to focus his attention on the defensive line after Rudiger’s transfer to Real Madrid. The futures of Azpilicueta and Alonso are still up in the air at this point.

Should they not be able to acquire any more natural central defenders before the start of the following season, Chelsea will only have three natural central defenders available for use in the team’s starting lineup.

When questioned about how tough it would be to replace his backline, the German coach candidly revealed that he had a problem with Thiago Silva. He said, “We had a core in the back three, and we even have a problem with Thiago Silva because he’s not Benjamin Button.

Tuchel believes that Thiago is getting older and that as a result, he will not be able to live up to the expectations that he has for the next season. As a result, he feels the need to bring in new blood to supplement the efforts of the 37-year-old ace.

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It may seem like he is, but in reality he isn’t, and he’s really growing older. It could have been sufficient to locate a natural successor for this sort of position and maintain everyone else, but all of a sudden, we lose maybe three and a half guys in the back, which is worrisome and presents a significant difficulty.

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