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Two differences between Chelsea and Arsenal’s team presently

Arsenal and Chelsea are two of the biggest teams in London. These two clubs have been bitter rivals for some years now, but things are obviously not the same now for the two teams.

The present Arsenal seems to have performed below standard because the Arsenal we know about 12 years ago can’t be compared to the present Arsenal. Chelsea, on the other hand, has continued to perform better lately, especially as they won the UEFA Champions League last year, and they have won a couple of titles this season already.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at two major differences between Chelsea’s team and Arsenal’s team presently.

1. Chelsea’s team has a manager who is regarded as one of the best managers in the whole world, while Mikel Arteta manages the Gunners. Mikel Arteta seems to be doing very well for Arsenal lately, but one thing he lacks is consistency. The time when he is supposed to win games, he always performs below expectations. Thomas Tuchel, on the other hand, has qualified for the UEFA Champions League back to back, and he won the last as a Chelsea’s manager.

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2. Chelsea’s team is a more mature team than the Arsenal’s team. Chelsea team consists of highly experienced players and a couple of young players in the right proportion. When it comes to using experience, the old players come in for Chelsea and when it comes to using strength and physicality, the young players come in for Chelsea.

But Arsenal’s squad is a young squad who may not be making the difference at the moment. Mikel Arteta has done a fantastic job by assembling these players, but he should have added a couple of experienced players to the team. With this Arsenal’s squad, playing in the UEFA Champions League will be a problem. Chelsea has all it takes to compete with the best.

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