UCL: Graham Potter names the Chelsea player who has ‘really impressed’ him in yesterday’s match

Chelsea manager, Graham Potter has evaluated Ruben Loftus-prospects Cheek’s of being selected for England’s World Cup team, saying that the Chelsea midfielder has “particularly pleased” him this season.

For Chelsea this season, Loftus-Cheek has participated in all 11 Premier League games.

The 26-year-growth old’s was hampered by recurrent ailments in previous campaigns, but he now seems to have gotten over his fitness concerns and is establishing himself as a crucial player in Potter’s side.

Loftus-Cheek has “very pleased” Potter “on and off the field,” and Potter thinks that Loftus-strong Cheek’s play could secure him a position in England’s World Cup team for Qatar.

Before Tuesday night’s Champions League match between Chelsea and Red Bull Salzburg, Potter remarked,

“Ruben has really pleased me, on and off the pitch.”

He is a modest man who desires to grow and learn. Although he has undoubtedly benefited from extra playing time, his training has been excellent even when he hasn’t played. He has been able to increase his fitness as a result.

“Obviously, he needs to be physically fit in order to move that massive body of his around the field, but his talent is there. He has terrific physicality, excellent ball skills, and is an excellent athlete.

I believe that by doing this, he is placing himself in a position where Gareth [Southgate] will consider him as an outsider for the team. However, that is Gareth’s call.

Having competed in the 2018 World Cup, Loftus-Cheek acknowledges that it would “mean the world” to be a member of England’s future World Cup team.

The former Crystal Palace and Fulham loanee remarked,

It would be wonderful. “It would mean a great deal.

“As a player, you see your trajectory to rise and, if all goes well, to be at the next World Cup after entering the 2018 tournament.

“A lot has changed since then, and I am just thankful and pleased to be in good shape and playing football regularly now.

“It would mean the world to me if I were to attend the World Cup, but right now it is not what I am thinking about most.

“We have a few important games coming up that require all of our attention. I shouldn’t currently be thinking about my personal goals instead of the club since it would be selfish.

As they go ready for their encounter on Tuesday against RB Salzburg in Austria, Chelsea are now fifth in the Premier League and first in Group E of the Champions League.

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Chelsea’s manager Potter said,

“We saw their brilliance at Stamford Bridge. They are a genuinely excellent side. We have to compete, match their drive and fervor, and then try to play our brand of football.

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