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UCL: Graham Potter roll out plans how he want his teams to play against RB Salzburg

On Wednesday, September 14, Chelsea new manager, Graham Potter will tests his training skills against RB Sulzburg in tomorrow’s game in the ongoing UEFA champions league.

A lot of improvement is expected from him as he has trained his squads at Cobham in today’s training being his first training with the squad after the sacked of Thomas Tuchel.

It is clear as the Chelsea manager, Graham Potter, has explained how he wants his team to play against RB Sulzburg in tomorrow’s game.

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Although, We asked about his football beliefs, Potter told the club’s website:

“I want a tactically flexible, attacking, possession-based team.

“Players that are brave, that aren’t afraid to make mistakes. That can get on the ball and show courage and really try to enjoy their football.

“If the players are enjoying their football, there’s a chance that the supporters will enjoy it as well. That’s how you grow and develop as a club.

“Styles of play don’t make you win games. The challenge is having players believe in it and how it works.

“In my position you cannot use time as an excuse. You can talk philosophy, identity, all these nice words, but you have to think in the short term as well.

“We are in a results game and you have to try and do your best to win.”

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